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The official website of Tajh Boyd

Welcome to Tajh Boyds’ official website. Be sure to connect with Tajh on social media to get a first-hand insight of what he is doing on and off the field, as well as check the website for upcoming foundation events, football camps, and news about Tajh.

Dabo Swinney

“I told him, I believe if you come to Clemson, you will change us. You won’t just be another guy — you will change our program and leave a legacy here. That’s what he’s done. He has changed Clemson.”

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1711, 2014

Love It All

By | November 17th, 2014|Categories: Blog|11 Comments

This past week I sat down with Coach Swinney, one of the wisest and most honorable man I know. Every morning, the Clemson football staff does a devotion that sets the tone for the day [...]

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