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Punch And Roll


Punch and Roll Flight 4297 Life is mysterious, she pulls you up to knock you down, or knocks you down to bring you up; all while teaching you a lesson. I've been told lessons come in various forms, some where you have to search for a meaning and others where the meaning is very literal [...]

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You Play to Win the Game


There has been a great deal of scrutiny from numerous media outlets and former players concerning the decision to play Deshaun Watson with a torn ACL against South Carolina. Some question the morals and integrity of the coaches and training staff posing questions such as: “Is the game that important to go and ruin a [...]

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Love It All


This past week I sat down with Coach Swinney, one of the wisest and most honorable man I know. Every morning, the Clemson football staff does a devotion that sets the tone for the day and the remainder of the week. On this day, he had the pleasure of speaking to the group (although there [...]

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First Blog Post


Today marks my last game in the FXFL and possibly my last game of this season. However, I am highly encouraged and optimistic as I’ve felt I had some satisfactory performances these past couple weeks. There are a few scouts attending the game and my emotions are at a stand still. The one thing that [...]

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